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Lyric Videos

If you want to highlight one of your songs without making a music video - get a lyric video!
Keep viewer's attention with dynamic visual content and save your budget.

People are used to seeing videos on YouTube. Static pictures are out of trend now. Animated images are much more fun!


Music visualizer is a dynamic image based on music vibe. In our case the original image is your cover art.

This feature is good for musicians who promote their music through YouTube or Instagram.

It's much harder to close the video with such a hypnotic rhythmical vibration than average picture.

VFX & Postproduction

Young artists have flooded YouTube with music videos. Everyone has a friend with camera now. So, there are only 2 ways to stand out among the other artists:

- Shot a high quality and conceptual video
- Make something original

We offer the second option
Our company also provides all kinds of video works such as:

- film editing
- color grading
- camera tracking
- work with chroma key
- postproduction
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Our company is a symbiosis of VFX artists and sound designers. We deeply understand how sound and video should work together.

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